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In Gupta architecture the square was considered the most perfect form and temples were designed to be appreciated from all sides.The Gupta Age of the Indian history is compared to the Periclean Age of ancient Greece, the Augustan Era of ancient Rome, and the Elizabethan Age of medieval England.

Over 20 gold coins from the Gupta dynasty dating from the 4th.His brother Purugupta appears to have been the immediate successor to Skanda gupta.

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He issued silver coins and was the first of the Gupta rulers.The monuments of the Gupta period are also a source of the history of that period.We get plenty of information about this dynasty through coins, inscriptions,.The economy of the Gupta era have agriculture as an important part but also there were significant progress in industry and trade.The guilds or.Many other seals of the officials at Vaisali have also been found there.

We have various varieties of coins Samudragupta, viz., tiger type, lyrist type, Asvamedha type, standard type, Archer type, etc.The coins issued by Gupta kings provide details about the titles and sacrifices performed.Millennium Collection 5th Century Ancient India Gupta Dynasty coin. See more like this Gupta Gold Coins With a.Their dates range from 360 A.D. to 466 A.D. The direct line of the early Gupta dynasty is taken to end with Skandagupta.A large number of seals have been found from Vaisali in the Muzaffarpur District.

Sri Gupta (c. 240-280 A.D) The Poona copper plate inscription of Prabhavati Gupta describes Sri Gupta as the Adiraja of the Gupta dynasty.They help us in fixing up the period of the rise of some of the small states either as independent ones or within the Empire.Coins reveal important history of Ancient India. kings from the Gupta dynasty was. new information about the Kushan and Gupta coins for scholars.The coins found in excavations reveal much information about his.Treasures of the Gupta Empire: A Catalogue of Coins of the Gupta Dynasty, Shivlee Trust, This book covers the history and the entire Coinage of the Gupta Dynasty from.

According to the Allahabad inscription of Samudragupta, the founder of the dynasty was named simply Gupta. in his catalogue of Gupta coins in the British Museum,.The Splendid Coinage of the Gupta Empire. Out of them, the archer type is the most common and characteristic type of the Gupta dynasty coins,.

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It is only in movies or some captivating novels where you will be.The name of their capital in Rajasthan was Malviya Nagar near Jaipur.

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Dhandevi was probably the ruler of Kosala who has been described as a descendant of Pushyamitra.Please check on this page for more information on costs and delivery times.

Ghatotkacha Ghatotkacha has been described in the Gupta records as the son and successor of Sri Gupta.A lot of useful information is also available in the account of India left by Fahien.The names of rulers on Gupta coins are useful in establishing the. the Gupta Empire did not control.

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The forces that worked towards the decline and downfall of Gupta Empire (Gupta Kingdom) are - the dissension in the ruling family, provincial rebellion, revolt for.Gupta Empire which existed approximately from 320 to 550 CE Founded by Maharaja Sri-Gupta,.It is also presumed that the rulers like Agnimitra, Mahimitra, Bhumitra, Mahabhumitra, whose names are mentioned on the coins also belonged to the Audumbar.

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A lot of useful information for the history of the Guptas is to be found in the coins of Gupta emperor.

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The first 16 inscriptions in the above-mentioned Corpus refer to the early Guptas.The death of Alexander in 323 B.C. led to the disruption of his short-lived empire.Chandra succeeded in seizing the throne of Magdha and bringing the north- west under his sway.