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The untraceability of anonymity set mixing is only needed for obscuring UTXO that is not already anonymous with the use of Stealth addresses for unlinkable payments.I would much rather my anonymity can only break if hash functions break which is the case for Zerocash but not Monero, RingCT, or Cryptonote, because if hash functions fail then all cryptocurrency and blockchains are F.U.B.A.R.

Satoshi even relied on hash functions for security by hashing the public ECC key on the blockchain.Afaik, all of the anonymity cryptocurrencies out there as of now are not acceptable to my standard-of-excellence.If you are looking for clear information about this topic then probably the best source for information about this is to be found in the Dash forums where it is stickied for ease of access.Someday perhaps I or someone will write a Cryptonote for Dummies blog on the math.In fact, that issue cuts directly to the generative essence of the insight of the consensus algorithm I designed for my Bitnet altcoin project.

Those who are qualified for freebies at bitcointalk are advised to place.When the cookie meets the blockchain: Privacy risks of web payments via cryptocurrencies.Just being able to think again and work again is massive progress in life.Luckily I still had oregano oil to take sublingually (which is known to be very effective against MRSA) when the antibiotics seemed to be failing and the bacteria was coming back in my throat and eyes again.But an oligarchy of miners would have an economic incentive to sell access to the deanonymization honeypot, because absent a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden, no one will know (or at least be able to prove) that such access and honeypot is deployed.Hint: I was ridiculing his abuse of a vacuous colloquialism and that he did not make any factual rebuttal.

If you can somehow explain to me as to why I am incorrect in my interpretation of how the interplay between us transpired, then I am of course willing to be swayed by cogent arguments.Satoshi was so much more confident about the robustness of the security of hash functions (such as SHA256) versus ECC w.r.t. to future cryptanalysis, quantum computing, and potential for planted back doors, that he did a genius level design for Bitcoin emphasizing reliance on hash functions for security.The zkSNARKs are technologically superior when it comes to anonymity sets.

If people downvote this post they might see the article by some other means, but not the rebuttal has had a fair share of complaints from folks.

You can run your own node and then communicate to it, but that communication has to obscure your IP address also.I really wish you had made that more clear, because laymen can read your blog as promoting Zcash.Selling access to the honeypot is irrefutably more profitable than not doing so, unless offsetting costs of doing so are too great.For comic relief, remember that after I invented Zero Knowledge Transactions, I coined the absolutely anonymous concept.

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Why does someone have to announce publicly they are doing it.Incorporating some sort of zero-knowledge based mixer or other functionality into Monero is something that has been looked at several times (for example by shen) and is a current interest of surae (funded Monero Ph.D mathematician researcher).Such metadata correlation enables a linkage between spend transaction in any case, and possibly even identifying the person signing them (if the metadata can be linked to a real identity).The only costs are the transaction fees which is again—quite economic.Try to find something productive to do with your miserable life.But killing the fiat, debt spigot will hopefully squelch the funding for the retards.It costs virtually nothing to create zillions of transactions.

We need many experiments with blockchain technologies and marketing.I discussed that in more detail in the comments section of this blog.You say that the article was not intended to generate FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).If Monero prefers to create a duplicate terminology for the same thing causing confusion for retarded people like you, then so be it.If it is really an extreme number (say 99%) then it could be a major problem.Given they are highly parallelizable, the latency of zkSTARKs proofs can be asymptotically minimized by increasing the number of cores in the computation.

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Sure, their anon tech may be perfect, but it comes with other drawbacks.However, afaics if the technology of TumbleBit was redesigned for a customized blockchain (not compatible with Bitcoin), I believe it would be possible to eliminate the requirement for the tumbler to have capitalization.

I suspect they have a ton of coins there, since it seems to be the largest monero exchange.All I can say is, you are damn lucky, because YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.Monero - Great privacy coin with huge potential to grow more. Bitcointalk - Look at AltCoin speculation section and AltCoin discussion.The instamine is a big problem because a key point of cryptocurrencies is being decentralised and trustworthy.

Thus, transaction aggregation must employed to compress many proofs into one proof of proofs, to reduce the required P2P network propagation bandwidth.I do appreciate those who upvote your comment indicating to me how many people do not totally understand what I wrote.

I have a blog coming about how proof-of-work and proof-of-stake are doomed to oligarchy clusterfucks.That is a very helpful response to me, because it points to why the design I contemplated is really needed.This was quite genius and exciting when it was first released, but my blog posits how it can be deanonymized.

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Well technically no, although I provided sufficient technical justification in my prior comment post above.Lol they have a great technology but seem to lack some skills in other areas at times.Your point is that by mixing multiple times (which is analogous to larger ring counts), then the honeypot can be avoided.It is actually quite typical that academics (PhDs), etc are not well rounded enough to succeed in the real world scenarios.